Land’s End

- Date/Time: June 1, 2017/ ~11:30 am
- Weather Conditions: Clear skies, slightly cloudy at sun down
- Time Duration: 1 hour
- Distance: 2 miles RT
- Difficulty: easy; moderate near the end


Land’s End is a popular hiking trail located by the coast of San Fransisco and has a view of the Golden Gate Bridge along the trail. It’s a relatively easy hike with a slight increase in difficulty when you have to climb down/up a steep set of stairs. However, other than that, the trail is very safe and family oriented.

When you are driving along the coast on Skyline Ave through Daly City and SF, you can find the parking lot for Land’s End at the top of the hill, a little past the Cliff House. The parking lot is free and there are always available spots. The beginning of the trail is filled with a bunch of really tall trees, but the path is a clearly visible dirt path. At the first fork, you can take a short trail to get a view of the Sutro Baths from further up, which makes for a nice panoramic shot. You also get a clear view of the ocean and the coast, which is amazing.

As you continue along the dirt path, you will come across more views of the coast and eventually, you will come across photo spots that give you a great view of the golden gate bridge and the ocean. You will later enter an area with more forestry and will eventually come to some stairs you have to descend. Descending the stairs is fairly easy, but the hardest part of the hike will be when you have to climb back up the stairs. The steps are a little steep and the incline is of a decent size for those who do not hike regularly. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, there will be a couple different paths you can take. You can continue down the main stairway to the left of the fork to reach Mile Rock Beach or you can take the right fork, which will lead you to the Lands End Point and Labyrinth.

Mile Rock Beach is a beautiful place to enjoy the ocean breeze and watch the sunset, and Lands End Point has the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It can get pretty crowded at this location during the day because everyone wants to take pictures with the labyrinth so you might have to wait a little bit if you want a picture without anyone in it. 


Overall, the hike is fairly easy minus climbing back up the stairs and if you stay until sunset, you will definitely make it back on time before the light completely disappears. It’s a very calm and enjoyable hike for a quick getaway with amazing views.