naturescape (n): 

The act of escaping into the natural world, untouched by man-made machinations.


A collection of two friends’ adventures for nature-scapers to explore with others.


The purpose of this little project is to help people go out and explore the wonders of the natural world with their loved ones. Despite the numerous pictures of different locations that we travel to, our hope is that you don’t experience these moments with nature in pictures, rather you go out and see the views with your own eyes, to take the time and appreciate what nature has in store for you.

These posts are our own limited experiences of each trail or scenic location, and do not account for the various seasonal changes that affect the environment. However, the important point for us to make is that each individual has their own unique experiences, and that makes their visit that much more memorable as they get to see what nature is like with their own eyes, whether during a snowy day or a breezy summer afternoon.



Timothy Na

Jared Jew